About Utah Agile

We’re not just agile, we’re Utah agile. We're here to unite Utah's Agile community by facilitating networking, collaboration, and mentoring options across the state for any who want to participate, for any level of experience.

Those who participate in any Utah Agile program or event qualify for Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) through Scrum Alliance (1 SEU per hour of participation).

The agile manifesto was born out of the peaks of Snowbird—its roots right here in Utah. And, as the slopes of Utah generate more and more successful businesses of all types and sizes who proudly call Utah their home, our meetup community has continued to grow.

Here you'll find a unified voice and event schedule regarding all things lean and agile in the Utah professional community.

We look forward to building out this community in ways we haven’t thought of yet—ways which you’ll show us as you collaborate with us. It’s important that the entire agile community in Utah unify and show the rest of the world why Utah is the home of innovation.

About the Team


Steve Ostermiller


Founder/director of  Utah Agile; author, trainer, (& sometimes) coach; aspiring scrum master.

V. Lee Hensen


Lee Henson, President of AgileDad is a Certified Scrum Trainer & master of humanizing work.

Kellie Tyler


Advanced Certified Scrum Master and cycling enthusiast with 10+ years experience leading teams using Agile methodologies.

Michael Moore


Michael has more than 19 years of experience helping organizations adopt Lean-Agile principles and values.

Tim Sorweid


Tim is an Agile Coach who has worked with start-ups for over 15 years.  His passion is in developing people.


Nancy Mayer


Nancy is an "Agile Catalyst".  She builds high-performing teams - fast!, and increases engagement through visual tools and serious play.


Jason Gardner


Jason has over 8 years of Agile experience, from developer to ScrumMaster to coaching.


Masa Maeda


Masa works with Agile and Lean enterprise transformations, and is the founder of Valueinnova.

Copyright 2021

Utah Agile is a 501(c)6 organization

Contact Utah Agile at info@utahagile.org

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